Tajweed is Taw-what???


Tajweed is Tawqeefy.

Now what on earth is meant by ‘Tawqeefy’? If you’ve ever come across this word before, it will most probably have been with respect to ‘ibaadah (worship). All acts of ‘ibaadah are Tawqeefy, which means that they must be proven and legislated by the Sharee’ah and there is no room for personal opinion with regards to them. In other words any act of worship that a Muslim does must have proof for its being an act of worship in the Sharee’ah, and must be done in accordance with how the Sharee’ah has legislated it too. For example, Salah is done at specific times in the day and in a particular way. It would not be allowed for anyone to come and change the number of prayers or the times or anything else related to them except with proof from the Sharee’ah for this.

Tajweed is also Tawqeefy, which means that there is no room for personal opinion in it. It must be applied in the way that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم applied it. The Qur’an was taught to him to be recited in a particular way (what we now refer to as Tajweed) by Jibril (AH), from Allah سبحانه وتعالى, and he صلى الله عليه وسلم taught the Sahaaba to recite it in this particular way. The Sahaaba went on to teach the Taabi’een to recite the same way and so on.

This continuous chain of mass oral transmission of the Qur’an is known as Tawatur and has continued till this day, ولله الحمد.

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