How to pronounce ض part 2


In our last post, we defined the makhraj (articulation point) of ض, and in this post we will delve into the distinguishing characteristic of this letter In shaa Allaah.

The Characteristic of Seeking to Lengthen الاستطالة al-Istitaalah in ض

الِاسْتِطَالَة al-Istitaalah literally means ‘seeking to lengthen’.

ض is the only letter which has this characteristic.

In the video, the illustration on the left shows the characteristic of الاستطالة al-Istitaalah in process. Notice how the front of the tongue moves forward, under the effect of pressure which is resulting from the collecting of air behind it, which is coming from the opening in the voice box (in the throat). This process is known as al-Istitaalah which is the characteristic of “lengthening” in the letter ض. The tongue stretches forward under the pressure of the air behind it, and as a result the makhraj of ض lengthens. It is due to this characteristic that ض is the letter with the longest makhraj.

And as with other characteristics, al-Istitaalah becomes more apparent and clearer when the letter is pronounced with sukoon.

In our next post we will go into the other characteristics for this letter In shaa Allaah.

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