The Trilling Letter Part 1


This post is on how to perfect the pronunciation of the letter ر in Tajweed. We will explain its makhraj (articulation point), sifaat (characteristics) and then tips on how to pronounce and perfect it including some exercises to help you practice In shaa Allaah.

Makhraj or Articulation Point of ر

The makhraj of ر is the tip of the tongue with the upper gums. makhraj

You need to make sure your tongue ‘hits’ i.e. makes contact with the upper gums otherwise the makhraj will be incorrect.

Makhraj Exercise: Practice hitting or tapping the tip of your tongue with the upper gums. Just get used to the ‘feel’ of this.

Sifaat or Characteristics of ر

The letter ر  has the following characteristics:

al-Jahr الجهر: Literally means announcement, apparent. In Tajweed it refers to restriction of the exhaled air when pronouncing the letter. The vocal chords are closed.

So make sure that you are not “whispering” your ر i.e. make sure there is a clear ‘voice’ in there instead of ‘breath’.

al-Tawassut/al-Bayniyyah التوسط / البينية: Literally means moderation. In Tajweed it means that this letter is between strength and softness, so that the sound is partially restricted and partially running when pronouncing it. This is related to the characteristics of at-Tikraar and al-Inhiraaf.

The other characteristics are:

al-Istifaal الاستفال

al-Infitaah الانفتاح

al-Inhiraaf الانحراف

at-Tikraar التكرار

We will go into detail about the other characteristics of ر in part 2 of this post In shaa Allaah.

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