TRR Voice Clips

The Rightful Recital is now accepting submissions of small audio clips of your recitation for correction In shaa Allaah.

If you would like help with your recitation, whether general improvement or with particular letters or words, you may submit an audio clip as per the rules given below.

Before you submit a clip please make sure to read the rules as clips which do not follow these rules will be ignored. 


  1. Clip must be no longer than 60 seconds
  2. Clip should be named in this format:  First name_Second name_Surah name_Ayah number/s
  3. If the clip is for a letter or word you are having trouble with, it should be named in this format:  First name_Second name_Letter name/word
  4. Make sure your clip is in high quality MP3 format

The following clips will be rejected (ignored)

  1. Clips longer than 1 minute
  2. Clips not named in the format outlined above
  3. Clips which are unclear
  4. Clips not in MP3 format

To submit your voice clip, please submit the form below:
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