The Well Versed Halaqah


Students of all levels and experience are welcome to register by filling out the form below.   If you are a beginner student, please click here.

If you are a student currently learning from a teacher in your local community, face to face, please do NOT register for this program.  Unless the local teacher can no longer provide you the instruction you require, a teacher is simply not available, or a student cannot reach a teacher, there is no substitute for in-person instruction.  

The Halaqah is taught by Umm Zahrah, in English.  She holds an Ijazah in the recitation of ‘Aasim from Sha. Shereen Ramadan حفظها الله and two Ijazahs in the 10 Authentic Recitations from Sh. Waleed al-Meneesey حفظه الله:


Students are taught according to their respective levels, by turn, whether that is a beginner level (practising reading) or advanced (learning the Qiraa’aat).

The rules of recitation are taught as needed and required by the recitation itself; they are not taught separately, nor does instruction involve delving into Tajweed theory in depth.  The recitation will remain the one and only pathway through which the rules are mastered and understood; focus on the rules of recitation will be for the purpose of practical application only.

The general program students are advised to follow in the Halaqah is:

  1. Master Reading:  Instruction is provided with regard to correct pronunciation, application of the rules of Tajweed, and fluency in recitation/reading.
  2. Memorisation:  Students begin with the memorisation of Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim as their standard recitation.  Once a student completes their memorisation of the Qur’an in Hafs, they will go through a revision process to solidify their memorisation as well as incorporate the recitation of Shu’bah, completing their final memorisation of one of the ten ways of recitation: ‘Aasim.
  3. Qiraa’aat:  Students move on to the study and memorisation of other Qiraa’aat among the authentic ten.
  4. Mutoon:  Students begin their study and memorisation of important texts related to the science of Tajweed and the Qiraa’aat.


The Halaqah takes place on Zoom as a group; anyone, from any part of the world, is able to join these groups if the timing is suitable.  Additionally, the group as a whole will communicate via the Well Versed WhatsApp group for important announcements.


Saturdays, 10pmGMT


Students are called upon, one by one, to recite (each according to their level), usually on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Since particular importance is placed on sifting out mistakes and making every effort to correct and improve the recitation, each student will get detailed information of what areas to work on or mistakes to correct.  Progress is based on the quality the recitation has achieved, not how much is recited or memorised.  Because this Halaqah aims to serve the practical aspect of the recitation of the Qur’an, all necessary rules and concepts are taught as needed, in light of the recitation itself.  


Joining and participating in the Halaqah is free of charge.

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