Advice to Beginner Students

At Well Versed, although we would like to open the doors for beginner students to join the group, the process of teaching a beginner student online is often tedious and long because instruction does not occur face-to-face.  Beginner students require face-to-face instruction as much as possible in order to see how pronunciation of the letters and the application of the rules takes place.  Otherwise, the path to proficiency is much longer and more difficult when instruction takes place online, especially when one cannot see the teacher.

To that end, it is absolutely imperative that beginner students take the initiative of seeking out local teachers in their communities.  The best way to seek out local teachers is to ask the Imam of any masjid in one’s locality, or simply observe those who lead the prayers or anyone you happen to notice reciting aloud who has a fluent recitation.  They need not hold Ijazah or be a teacher of Qur’an in particular.  As long their recitation is fluent and they apply most, if not all, the rules of Tajweed (even if they don’t have knowledge of the rules themselves), they can be taken as a teacher.

However, there are certain circumstances that prevent a student from learning from a teacher locally, such as not being able to find or reach one for various reasons.  Perhaps a student has learned all he/she can from a local teacher and the teacher can no longer provide them with the more advanced instruction they may now require.  Perhaps a teacher cannot teach.  Whatever the reason, in this case, please contact us at wellversed01[at]gmail[dot]com, and we will make an effort to accommodate you in the Well Versed group.

Barak Allahu Feekum


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