How it Works

Imagine a teacher coming to the masjid everyday at a specific time to teach, remaining there for a specific period of time.  During this Halaqah, anyone is welcome to join and benefit.  The students can be of any level, but all come with the same purpose: to learn.  This is exactly how the Well Versed Tajweed Hotline works.


Our teachers are qualified teachers of the Qur’an who have memorised the Qur’an, have studied its recitation for 10+ years, and hold reputable Ijazahs.  They also carry extensive experience in teaching the Qur’an to students of varying levels.


A qualified teacher of the Qur’an will teach according to the level of the student.  This means that if a student needs assistance in reading, then more attention will be given to reading.  If more attention is required for applying the rules of Tajweed, then this is what the teacher will concentrate more on.  If a student is advanced and needs help with their memorisation, then this is what the teacher will assist them with.  If a student simply has a question, then likewise, the teacher will do their best to answer his/her question.  In this manner, there is no prerequisite required for students to register; anyone from beginner to advanced levels are welcome.


All Halaqaat take place on Skype.  Once a student registers, they will receive an email with information on how to join the Skype group.  This way, anyone from any part of the world is able to join these groups if the timing is suitable.  We hope to have a number of timings available to accommodate different time zones in the future, in sha Allah.


A qualified teacher of the Qur’an specifies a time and day(s) that they will be available online.  This could be one hour, for example, three or more days of the week.  Students are at liberty to come on any day they wish, and as frequently as they are able.  They need not inform the teacher about when they are coming.  This allows for learning to become flexible enough to allow a level of customisation, in sha Allah.  So if one day does not work for a student, they are free to come on any other day.


Once a student has registered and entered the Skype group, they will wait until the teacher calls upon them to begin reciting.  Students are taught according to first come, first serve basis; so the more punctual a student is and consistent, the more benefit they will gain, progress will be made, and the faster they will move forward.  It all depends on the student and their diligence.

Whoever joins the online Halaqah is welcome to benefit and learn, regardless of their level.  Every student would be taught according to his/her respective level and be given equal time, according to the best of the teacher’s ability.  If a student doesn’t get a chance to recite, he/she can come the next time the teacher appears online.


A standard monthly fee is paid to allow students to participate and in order that they take the availability of the teacher seriously.  This standard fee is payable regardless if a student comes to recite one time a week or every day of the week the teacher is available.


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