Welcome to the Well Versed Tajweed Hotline

Congratulations!  Your registration was a success and we look forward to having you in the Well Versed Tajweed Hotline.  May Allah grant you the Tawfeeq to reach the highest levels, facilitate your path, and make you amongst His family, the family of Qur’an, Ameen.

The Halaqah utilizes Skype for all of its sessions.  The timings are as follows:

Sundays and Wednesdays @ 1amGMT

Please make the appropriate time zone conversion for your location.

Please be sure to add WellVersed01 to your Skype contacts.  Once we receive your request, we will include you in the Skype group for the Halaqah.

Please add WellVersed01 to your friend’s list on Facebook.  You will be added to the FB group for the Halaqah in order to receive relevant announcements if needed.
And lastly, you may join the WhatsApp group, if you wish, by adding +61467683721 to your contacts.

That said, before you begin, understand that having proper manners and character when seeking knowledge is of utmost importance.  It is the bridge which ensures that knowledge is well received and understood.  That said, we first encourage our students to take some time to read the following two books on the manners of seeking knowledge as well as the manners of the bearers of the Qu’ran:

  1. Etiquettes of the Seeker of Knowledge, by Sh. Bakr Aboo Zayd, downloadable here.
  2. Etiquettes of the Bearers of the Qur’an, by Imam al-Nawawi, downloadable here.

Additionally, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Purify your intention for Allah.
  2. Supplicate to Allah to facilitate your path:  learning the Qur’an involves ultimate dependence upon Allah to help you to understand, to implement and to be consistent.  Supplicate to Allah for all matters, even matters that seem of little importance.  If making your letters with the appropriate amount of heaviness is becoming difficult, for example, supplicate to Allah to help you overcome this.
  3. Take the knowledge seriously:  do not expect that the teacher will do the work for you.  You must take time to practice and review.  Do not blame the teacher for lack of progress especially if you have not given 100% effort.
  4. Do not allow yourself to repeat any mistake:  work on correcting any mistake your teacher points out as diligently as possible and do not accept another repetition of it.  This kind of seriousness is what leads to perfection in one’s recitation.  Simply repeating is not correcting the mistake; there must be effort made to change.
  5. Students are taught on first-come-first-serve basis, with each student reciting for approximately 10min at a time.  The earlier you are, the better your chances are of having a turn.  If you would like additional time, and if there is time left after all the students have had their turn, you may recite again, in sha Allah.  If you were not given a chance to recite due to lack of time, please be sure to attend the next day’s Halaqah.
  6. Aim to recite at least once every week.  More is better.  If you did not get a chance to recite the entire week and entered the Halaqah on every day it opened, let the teacher know and you will be given first priority to recite first.
  7. When you are corrected, be silent:  when the teacher corrects you, stop and listen to what the teacher has to say so that you may understand where the mistake is and how to correct it.
  8. Trust the teacher:  if the teacher has advised you to slow down, then slow down, whether that is in regard to your reading, your memorisation, or recitation in general.  At times, the student has the ability to memorise a large amount, but their recitation is broken, there are many Tajweed mistakes, etc.  Often the teacher will advise that a student slows down, in this case, in order that they may learn HOW to memorise correctly (memorisation of the words as well as application of Tajweed rules).

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